Robb’s books are “no-nonsense guide[s] to those of us on a spiritual journey.” IndieReader Reviews

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao Tzu

We all have our own paths to follow.

We each make our own path and follow it the best we can to gain a better understanding of ourselves and improve our conscious contact with God – however we might perceive and understand that entity at our current level of awareness.

The writings in my books form a series of personal journals or diaries of my spiritual insights, discoveries and lessons learned along my own path.

There are no “3 Easy Steps to Enlightenment” or “3 Days to Spiritual Awareness”. Developing a closer relationship with God and improving your conscious contact with God is going to take some work and dedication. It is a journey, a path to follow wherever it might lead you. It takes persistence and dedication and sacrifices must be made. If you are reading this, you have been led here for some reason and are probably already started on the Path. My books will help guide you along the way.

My books start with more basic lessons and progress from there as I have made my own journey. A summary of my beliefs and what I have expounded on in my books, is pretty well covered in the essay below, My Theological Philosophy.

I encourage you to download and read over some of my Free booklets. These lay a basic foundation that we can all use to build upon. I encourage you to invest in yourself and check out one or more of my other books. Let them stir up your Spirit and get you looking in new directions!

My books are generally written as a series of short essays, each covering or expounding on a particular topic. The books are best read a bit at a time. Read over an essay or two and then spend some time meditating on the subject, or otherwise let the material become a part of your consciousness. Then move onto the next.

Regardless of anyone’s personal religious beliefs, we all need to increase our understanding of that entity we call God and perhaps, by doing so, we will end up creating a heaven right here on Earth.

I write anonymously, as Robb F., as it became evident to me very early on that what was important were the insights and wisdoms contained within these books, not me, as the author.

DISCLAIMER: The word “God” appears in the titles of most of my books and the term is used repeatedly throughout my books and writings. Do not be dissuaded! The word “God” means many different things to different people and no one wants to get caught in a discussion where someone is sure that their interpretation is correct and yours is wrong.

My writings are spiritual in nature, not religious. Although I use the term “God” – and I wish there was some neutral word that I could use instead – if you prefer to call that Presence by another name, please feel free to do so. It would be nice if my books had a built-in “search and replace” feature, but they do not. But if you are not comfortable with the God-word, then please substitute whatever word you do like: Brahma, Higher Power, Infinite Great Creator of All, Spirit, Allah, the Big Cheese, whatever.

Because our relationship with God is of a spiritual nature and as we are all different people, our personal understandings of God are bound to be different, person-to-person.

Despite any terminology, my hope is that my books and writings will get you to think about and look at your own personal spiritual beliefs more closely. And perhaps begin to look even deeper and thereby make more progress on your own personal journey.

My Theological Philosophy

We are spiritual beings inhabiting a body.

We are each an emanation or expression of God (Spirit, Higher Power or whatever one wants to call that Presence.)

If we imagine the consciousness or universe of God as a vast unbounded and unlimited ocean, then we are each individual drops within that ocean – still having the same qualities and characteristics as the whole ocean of consciousness. In reality there is no God and us. There is only God expressed.

God is not some Big Being up in the sky. He is right here a part of everything and a part of us.

We find God in quiet solitude, in Nature and in silent meditation.

We increase our understanding of God by communing with Him (Her, It, Whatever you want to call that Presence) through regular meditation seeking the Silence where God resides.

We must let go of our human ego-mind including all human labels, desires, wishes and expectations and allow God to be fully expressed through and as us. Life unfolds miraculously before us as we do this. As we achieve inner harmony our outer world reflects and is a mirror of that inner peace.

We are here to fulfill God’s will.

A Trapezoidal Universe

(From Maybe God Has a Better Idea by Robb F.)
I sometimes think that I am living in a “Trapezoidal Universe”.
What in the heck does that mean???????

A trapezoid, by definition, is: “a plane figure with four sides, only two of which are parallel.”

I am known for saying silly things, sometimes too silly.

One day I was camping with a friend. I was putting up the tent. I checked the position of the sun and placed the tent so that the door was facing east. I made some comment about a Native American Hogan facing east. We went to bed. In the morning the sun was rising towards the side of the tent – not the front! I concluded (being silly) that we must have entered a trapezoidal universe during the night and that now all directions were mixed up!

Perhaps that is how your life feels at moments – kind of a trapezoidal universe where nothing seems to quite match up. And perhaps you don’t quite fit in.

I know mine sure does.

But that’s why we have to live a spiritually based life.

When we do, Life begins to have more meaning.

It is sometimes crazy.

Sometimes we start off in one direction and seem to end up in another and wonder, “How in the heck did I get here?”

It’s simple. We live in a trapezoidal universe!

And must learn to live in it – one day at a time!