Inner Peace: Gift it Forward


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Inner Peace: Gift it Forward

Twelve Ideals for Life – Enrich Your Life and Those Around You!)

Inner Peace is based on the Ten Perfections of Buddhist spirituality. Robb added in two more to make twelve and they became the Twelve Ideals.

These ideals consist of attributes like generosity, wisdom, energy, love, humility, patience, and others. Although these ideals were taken from Buddhism, these same qualities can be found in Christianity and other religions.

If you make these Ideals a focus, your life will change miracuously! You will achieve inner peace, and as you become more harmonious inside your outer world will change as well. Your outer environment is always a direct reflection of your inner state.

It is hoped that people will read this book, use it and find more inner peace, and then gift it forward to their friends, family and associates! Doing so, we can create a whole new vision of heaven on Earth!