Point of View

The Problem with Problems

Seeing Beyond the “Obvious”

from God Waits Patiently, Second Edition, by Robb F.

To be released in mid- 2017

Sometimes problems are different than we perceive them to be. And until we can see the real situation, the “problem” remains unsolved.

For example, someone I know was designing a website for a customer. The customer reported all sorts of problems – programs and applications that weren’t working, that sort of thing. My friend was beside himself – he couldn’t figure out what he had done to create those problems. It was finally resolved that there was a problem at the customer’s end – not with the website design! Once that was figured out, the actual problem was quickly fixed.

There was a woman I worked with who had trouble “making ends meet”. She was always having money problems, yet it was easy to see that she was wasting money on needless items, and the husband in the family, generally choose not to work but leave it all up to her!

In love and relationships, if there is some sort of upset or problem or disagreement, spouses and partners are often quick to say that the problem is with the other person, and not with them. Sometimes this is true, but more often than not, the road goes in both directions, and both partners are doing something to cause or create the situation.

Sometimes we are the problem yet want to believe it is someone or something else. In other words, sometimes we create our own problems. And problems are sometimes just imaginary – there really is no problem beyond what is created.

Thieves, robbers and burglars can’t perceive how to get what they need by honest means. They, in actuality, have no concept of social conduct. They cannot fit in with the accepted morals and mores of a society. So, when faced with the problem of, “How do I get this thing I need, or the money I need?”, their “solution” is to go out and steal it from someone else.

Those with too little to do or who have too low of a personal responsibility level, often create problems so they have something to occupy their time. Or they will create problems to take advantage of another. “I must get somewhere but have no way to get there. Can you help me???” (This being said by someone who really doesn’t need to get somewhere, but just wants to take advantage of someone else.) Or, “Oh, I’m sick. I’ve got to go home. Can you take me?” (When there is really nothing wrong with the person at all.) Or, “I don’t have any money for lunch”, (but a quick look shows that they are wasting their salary on useless video games and other nonsense.). Or, someone didn’t take the time to do the laundry and now has no clean clothes to wear, so must borrow something of yours.

Sometimes people “fix” something and create another problem by doing so. This can be as simple as taking an extension cord from one room to another to hook up a lamp. But then, the clock has no power, and the person oversleeps and is late for work.

In the workplace, problems are many times “fixed” while creating another problem at the same time. For example, someone might be transferred to another department without a replacement. The functions and duties of the missing employee fly all over the place and never do get done.

Or sometimes, staff from an area are all put onto some sort of “special project”. Their normal departmental functions do not get done and customers don’t get the service they need. Pretty soon, the business has tons of customer complaints and sales drop off.

Big pharmaceutical companies routinely “fix” one problem while creating numerous others. Many “wonder drugs” are announced to fix this and that, but have many adverse side-effects at the same time (like death!)

If you have a fixed false idea about something, then trying to solve any problem related to that false idea becomes impossible. For example, if you think, “women are not mechanically inclined” then you will reject any information from a female master mechanic, even though she builds race cars as a hobby!

Fixed false ideas also abound in many religions. Many people believe that their God – who is infinite, all-embracing and all loving – is the only God, and will reject another’s idea of God – who is also infinite, all-embracing and loving! Many wars have been fought and millions slaughtered because people disagreed on who’s “infinite, all loving God” was better. Is it not more possible, that if God is infinite and all-embracing and omnipotent, that He has the ability to manifest Himself in many different ways? Some people might find one manifestation of God more acceptable, at the time, and so seek a greater understanding that way. Someone else might find another manifestation more acceptable.

People can get so hung up on “being right”, in religion or in day-to-day relations, that they make problems for others.

But, regardless of someone’s religious following, all spiritual truth already exists within one’s Self. Bibles, Korans, spiritual and religious leaders and writers of one kind or another can point you in a particular direction, but it is up to you to find the real truth that lies within your own consciousness.

People who speak the truth are often attacked by those who can’t see; by those wearing blinders who can’t see beyond their own fixed ideas and prejudices – including religious prejudices.

On a deeper spiritual level, it is important to realize that our whole outer environment – our health, wealth, state of one’s possessions, relationships, everything – is but a reflection of our inner state of Being. Those who possess an inner calm and harmony demonstrate this in their bodies and the world around them. Those who are fighting endless inner strife, reflect this into their outer world too, and face numerous health challenges, financial problems, trouble with things “breaking down”, problems with relationships, and more.

The solution when faced with any problem, is to step back and see what the real situation is. Only then can actual solutions be proposed and harmony restored.