God Is

CvrSm_GodISGod Is

This was my third book. As I wrote the material for this book, I was no longer so concerned about the various problems of being a Human here on Earth. I began looking for a much deeper understanding of God – and myself – and started building a more meaningful relationship with that Presence we call God. Because our relationship with God is a personal relationship, then it follows that each of us has our own understanding of just who God is. My understanding of God at this particular moment is bound to be different from yours because we are two different people. We might have similar understandings but ultimately we must each make our own journey within and discover who we are and who God is to us.

This book, God Is, will help guide you along your own Path of Understanding and will help you develop a closer relationship with God. There are sections here on “God Is”, “Our Spiritual Purpose”, “Healing”, “Love, Faith and Trust”, “Time and Money”, “Gliding on the Wings of Life” and more.

As one reviewer said, “God Is offers a rich storehouse to facilitate self-reflection, peace within and a path towards greater self-acceptance and love. … [Robb] offers many tools for growth and freshly approaches some common misunderstood concepts of what God IS and how HE works in our lives that trip up many of us from enjoying the very gift of life itself.” (S. Seats, Humanitarian and Peace Acitvist)

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