Sample 2 of God Waits Patiently

The Rhythm of Life

There seems to be – there is – an actual rhythm of Life.

The derivation of the word “rhythm” comes from the Greek word rheîn meaning “to flow“.

As we pray and meditate and improve our conscious contact with God, as we go quiet and listen for God in the silence we behold that actual rhythm. The actual rhythm of Life is quiet, serene and without care. The sun shines. Flowers grow. The rain falls. Fruit grows on trees. Birds fly and sing. The actual natural rhythm of Life is smooth and, well, natural!

Opposing this is the Human rhythm of Life that pushes and pulls at us every day. It sometimes yells at us and constantly demands attention. It is often discordant. This is what we get stuck into on a day-to-day basis.

It can be unnerving!

It demands that we become a part of that discordant rhythm and threatens our own sanity at times.

To continue to make spiritual progress we must withdraw from that apparent rhythm – the Human rhythm of Life each day and find God’s true rhythm.

Sit each day for a period of time and be quiet. Be still. Listen and then in that silence we can feel the real rhythm of Life of which we are a part. The rhythm of Nature. The rhythm of God.

Take a few minutes during the day when the Human rhythm gets too demanding. Let it go and refocus.

If we can be quiet and be a part of the real rhythm of Life, life becomes easier to deal with. Things happen around us that might seem miraculous. We listen and watch and behold God’s handiwork all around us. We let God work in and through us and become a part of His rhythm, not Man’s.

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