Maybe God Has a Better Idea

Maybe God Has a Better Idea

This was my first book – Book One. It is a “no-holds-barred” book about Recovery. At some point in our lives, we all seem to be recovering from something – whether it be drugs or alcohol or just from getting beat up by Life itself. This book was written following a series of seemingly traumatic events in my life. I had lost a business. I was out of work and heavily in debt. I was newly divorced. I had been through a major medical treatment and was still reeling from the mental and physical effects of that. I started trying to put my life back together. I called upon what spiritual truths I knew at the time and turned to some lessons learned much earlier in AA – the 12-steps. I was reminded that AA and the 12-steps really don’t have anything to do with meetings and the such, but are a way of life.

During this time of putting my life back together, I felt somehow led to write down what I was experiencing – the spiritual insights that came to me and the lessons learned. These writings eventually become this book. Because I was utilizing some of the principles of the 12-steps, some of the language of this book is phrased in those terms. However it doesn’t seem to matter if you are or have ever been a part of a 12-step group, the lessons and insights in this book will speak clearly to you!

In any kind of recovery situation, we are overwhelmed with (seemingly) innumerable emotional and other mental stresses. Our attitude towards ourselves, others and Life in general needs to be repaired. We need a new outlook on things!

This book, Maybe God Has a Better Idea, will help clear up all this and put you stably on the road to recovery. We have to learn to let go of our own (sometimes harebrained) ideas that got us into trouble in the first place, and learn that if we can ever be still and listen, then yes, God really does have a better idea.

And then our lives begin to grow!

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