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Maybe God Has a Better Idea

The Ego-Mind is struggling – trying to hang on. No “letting go and letting God” for the ego-mind. No way! It struggles. It fights! It won’t let go! Until we go quieter and more and more into the silence and gradually let it go.

We are told to “Let go and let God.”

Let go of our own desires, goals, expectations and ambitions.

Let go of our fears.

But, oh how, what I call the “ego-mind” hangs onto these things and doesn’t want to let go!

For a long time, I kept trying to hang onto my goals, ambitions and desires. How important they seemed at times.

But then I had a thought – maybe God has a better idea! Maybe His goals and dreams are so much better than mine! (They most certainly are!) If I could let go of what I thought were my own great ideas of fame and wealth and other lofty ambitions, maybe God had something much, much better in mind.

Alcoholics, addicts of all sorts, co-dependents and even those who are struggling just to survive, get stuck on their own ideas. Sometimes these ideas involve revenge at some level, trying to make ourselves look better, or somehow gain the approval of others. Until we can let go of our own distorted ideas and open up our lives to a Higher Power, we will continue to struggle and fight.

Many of us are looking for some sort of recognition or praise or to be someone who we are not. We sometimes have almost fantasy dreams of distinction, honor or awards.

We must humbly seek God and learn His will for us and let our own false desires and illusions fade away. Our humility and lack of any ideas of superiority on this quest are paramount.

The only way through and out then, is to “Let go and let God” do His work – and try to keep out of the way.

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