Sample 1 of Spiritual Dimensions Part I: Following in the Footsteps of God

Acceptance and Gratitude

Sometimes accepting that where we are and the situation we are in, is the exact right thing for our personal growth, can be difficult.

Accepting that we put ourselves into our current situation — whatever it is — good or bad — can be challenging.

If things are going well, it is easy to think, “Yes, I did that.”

Harder to do so, if things are not going so well.

Earlier, I was complaining about my job, wishing there was something better, not liking the hours, on and on. When I finally stopped and looked at it, and was grateful to be working at all, I realized that I am probably in a perfect spot. The job is challenging, yes. I sometimes have to deal with people that I would rather not, yes. But on the pluses, there are many good people that I work with; the work requires a good deal of focus and makes good use of my organizational and managerial skills; I am kept busy physically which is helping to keep my body in shape; and on top of that, I am making enough to live comfortably and still stick a bit away each month into savings.

I had to finally accept that I am where I need to be right now.

Perhaps things will change in the future. Perhaps not.

But wishing for things to be different when they might be all right as they are, can be self-defeating.

Gratitude, even if one is ill or out of work or whatever, is the starting place. Maybe all one thinks they have to be grateful for is to be alive, but at least that is a start. And then we can move forward from there.
Being grateful and accepting where we are, situates us in present time — not stuck in the past or worrying about the future.

We create our lives in the present — moment by moment. In reality there is no past — it is already gone. The future doesn’t exist yet.

From the present, we seemingly create our past, which is but a collection of our decisions and judgments about events that occurred earlier. By changing our viewpoint about prior events, we can alter the past.

We also create the future from the present. Our thoughts, our decisions, our actions in the present determine the future — nothing else.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Buddha

Although these things are sometimes hard to do, we must:

Accept and let go of the past.

Let go of any worries about the future.

Focus on the present. Be grateful and accept where we are, right now.

Allow God to work in and through us and let the future unfold as He intends.

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