Sample 2 of Spiritual Dimensions Part I: Following in the Footsteps of God

Was, Now, Is

Memories stick us in the past.

Good memories and bad ones.

“Those were the good old times.”

“What a great time we had.”

“I hated it back then.”

“That was the worst time I have ever had.”

We assign those designations to our memories and then become attached to them.

Our current life becomes dependent on what happened before.

“I’ll never let that happen again.”

“If only I could do such and such again.”

Realizing our oneness with those memories and those who were involved can help to free us to live in the present. We all exist as timeless beings, emanations of God, each one with another.

Looking back and recognizing our oneness with the people at the time, looking for and seeing God expressing Himself through those people — even if they happened to be recalcitrant and shunting their Godhood away — they were still God expressed (or Christ expressed, or Buddha expressed, depending on your own personal beliefs.)

The good ol’ days are not happening again. Nor are the bad ones.

Now is all that exists.

There is no was.

No, “We were the best of friends.” Yes, “We are the best of friends.” Now and always.

No, “My mother treated me so badly.” Yes, “My mother, expressed as me and being one with me and with God, removed herself from that presence and responded poorly, and thus I learned more about my own relationship with God.”

Now, I am.

People can tell us confusing things. Life itself can be confusing.

The only anchor is now, in our oneness with God, realizing who we are and where we are, right now existing in the present — the ever-extending present — as an emanation, a unique expression of God.

That is who we were in the past. That is who we are in the present.

In this instant, there is no past. There is only now.

Through prayer and quiet meditation, let go of the past — see the characters of the play as they were — actors in a drama of life (including yourself) — and let that scene come to an end.

Be in the present and move ahead instant by instant into the future.

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