Spiritual Dimensions Part II: Seeking God

Seeking_God_Low_ResSpiritual Dimensions Part II: Seeking God

“If one is a Seeker, then what is one seeking?
“To seek, means to try to find, to search for.
“Certainly by this stage of the game, one is no longer seeking fame or fortune or other Earthly gains. We have little concern about our health – good or bad – or our wealth. We are no longer trying to find (or not find) our ‘soulmate’. So, if we are no longer seeking any of these things, we are seeking what?
“Seek is an active verb, and thus a Seeker is actively seeking, looking, searching, inquiring, pursuing, questioning, exploring and generally quite involved in The Search.
“A Seeker seems to be searching for God, perhaps his or her own “Self, perhaps searching for the Infinite, for a better understanding of Life and why we are here.”
From The Life of a Seeker, an essay in Seeking God by Robb F
This books details my own quest as I went searching for these things. Although we must all look within and follow our own Path, Seeking God is full of valuable insights and lessons learned along the way that will serve as guideposts and landmarks along your own journey.
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